Posted on 26th Mar 2015


Mobile users are predominantly overtook desktops and this happened at unpredicted pace. And recently Google in its statement confirmed that more number of consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for searching. Matter of fact, from 10 countries including USA and Japan got more mobile hits than desktops.


“Smartphone sales outpaced desktop computers in just three years”

Smartphone users are rising dramatically and mobile is already proved to be a big shakeup the way we do business.  Mobile sites can increase leads, reaching a broader and entirely diverse market that may have been out of reach formerly — and increased leads means increased sales for businesses.

Smartphones being extremely portable, it’s a substantial platform for communication and stay connected; that means users now get online faster access anytime and anywhere. And according to latest research, there are 4.2 billion mobile users already and it is just going to grow sharply. As this go hand-in-hand with more number of individuals using mobile devices to access the internet, it is now more requisite than being important for businesses to develop mobile apps for more customer interactions and adding brand reliability. 


Businesses need to understand that mobility allows customer to have all the information accessible. As of now there are 40% of world’s population are online and with importance of going directly to where your customers are, businesses today experience more opportunities every day.

So what are the benefits of having a Mobile solution for your business?

“In our experience, mobile applications are progressively moving from being an auxiliary for businesses to becoming core business strategy”

Now we believe you are convinced with the above benefits of having mobile solution for your business. And are you ready to join this mobile revolution before your competition does?

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